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Established 2009

Baltimore, Maryland – The brain-child of John Rallo, Shogun fights regularly packs one of the biggest regional MMA venues – the Royal Farms Arena with some of the best MMA shows in the Mid-Atlantic region.

With a successful (albeit short) MMA career and stint as a celebrity bodyguard under his belt, Rallo focused on opening a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy after receiving his blackbelt from Renzo Gracie himself. During this time he worked towards legalizing MMA in the state of Maryland, eventually passing legalization in one session – an unheard of feat with new legislature.

With the arena wide-open, Rallo has spent the last few years promoting shows and building a roster of packed talent, with several fighters going to the UFC. A hotbed for celebrities and UFC stars, Shogun events will continue to be a Baltimore mainstay for time to come.